Standard Cancellation Policy for Bed and Breakfast Accommodation in Linden


  • 1. Cancellations will only be accepted in writing.


  • 2. Cancellation of a reservation at any time prior to the arrival date will           incur an administration fee of 25% of the Total Reservation Value or           one nights stay, whichever is the greater.


  • 3. Cancellation prior to the arrival date will incur a cancellation charge              inclusive of the administration fee, of the Total Reservation Value.


               Cancellation Charge is:        Within a Period of:               

  25% (twenty five per cent)     28 (twenty eight) calendar days               

  50% (fifty per cent)                 21 (twenty one) calendar days               

  75% (seventy five per cent)    14 (fourteen) calendar days             

100% (one hundred per cent)     7 (seven) calendar days


  • 4. Cancellation charges will only be applied if                                                   we are unable to re-let the room(s).


  • 5. Where a company/individual makes a reservation on behalf of someone     else, the company/individual shall be liable for any cancellation fee.


  • 6. In the event of a booking being cancelled or the period of stay reduced,     any discount quoted will be subject to revision.

Do you accept these terms and conditions?


              I Accept                                  I Do Not Accept


I the undersigned agree to and accept the above conditions.


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Standard Cancellation Policy

Room 2-Umoyo (Soul),Linden Bed and Breakfast