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Constitution Hill, Johannesburg
Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg
Abo''mkhaya- Greetings to my neighbours in JOZI !! The feeling of community in Jo'burg is truly amazing and the sense of belonging and being a part of this exciting place is what drives us. Most of all, it is what makes living here and feeling the pulse so truly enjoyable.  Jozis got quite a bucket list...So maybe its time to get started....

The Apartheid Museum is the story of the triumph of the human spirit over adversity. Beginning in 1948, the white elected National Party government initiated a process which turned over 20 million people into 2nd class citizens, damning them to a life of servitude, humiliation and abuse. Their liberation in 1994 with the election of Nelson Mandela, the prisoner who became president, is a climax in the saga of a nations resistance, courage and fortitude.

Nowhere can the story of South Africa’s turbulent past and its extraordinary transition to democracy be told as it is atConstitution Hill. This national heritage site has witnessed a century of South Africa’s history. From rebellious British soldiers who fought with the Boers at the turn of the century, to the youths caught up in the Soweto Uprising, to the dawn of democracy and the building of South Africa’s new Constitutional Court, Constitution Hill has witnessed it all.

Museum Africa is a journey back into the glory years of the Africa continent’s past, when the first civilisations thrived. The journey through Africa’s history visits places like Kemet, now known as Egypt, Kush (Sudan) and Punt (Somalia), which the ancients called ‘God’s country’. Museum Africa is about a time the world forgot; a time very little of the world knows; a rich history with which a generation of black children can identify and correct the record on African history as it has been presented up until now.

Recognised as one of South Africa's leading heritage sites, Liliesleaf pays testimony to the many lives that changed the political landscape of this country, and through itseducational programmes appeals to younger audiences to face today's challenges with creative enthusiasm. 

Visit Museum Africa (Newtown)
LiliesLeaf in Rivonia

Where to Go-Museums

Origins Centre
SA National Museum of Military History

The Centre boasts an extensive collection of rock art and visitors can see the earliest images made by humans found in South Africa.

Anglo-Boer/South African/Zulu wars of the 19th century or 20th century

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